In der Einsamkeit der Nacht

Für den in der Nachtschicht, zu singen nach der Weise „Nightshift“ von den Commodores.

Berge (Berge), you were a friend of mine
And you could snipe the heads
Of three men in a line

Berge (Berge), he often caused me pain
Now we play all alone
Beat up by Make-My-Day

Teamspeak to me, so you can see, what’s goin‘ on
Say you will join our ranks to kill s’more, kill s’more

Gonna be some sweet sounds
Comin‘ down, on the nightshift
I bet you’re sitting there
Oh, I’ll bet you save a prayer
Gonna be a long night, it’s gonna be alright, on the nightshift
You found another home,
I know you’re not alone, on the nightshift, oooh
One day you’ll play again,
Connect to the server then, on the nightshift

Berge, oooh, hey what you doing now
It seems like yesterday, when we were camping out
Berge, oh, you set the world on fire
Your flashbangs blinded us
Your stats kept rising up, higher and higher
Keep it up, and we’ll be there, at your side
Oh, say you will, shoot your colt
For evermore, evermore, evermore

Das Original findet man hier.

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